Hitler's Final Solution

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Undeniably, the Holocaust was the most horrific act of genocide in history. More than 6 million Jews perished under the harsh rule of anti-Semitist policies and a calculated attempt to eradicate the entire Jewish population of Europe. Hitler’s Final Solution was the development of “Liquidation” centers meant to annihilate the remaining Jews. Was the Final Solution a part of Hitler’s original plan or was it decided upon after attempts to deport them to other countries failed? As we shall see there is much evidence that points to the total annihilation of the Jews as Hitler’s main objective. The deportations were simply a step in the long process to annihilation.

As early as 1904, people associated with Adolph Hitler were aware of his biological anti-Semitism. He openly discussed it with peers at School in Linz. His beliefs and attitudes can be traced back to a pamphlet distributed by “Alldeutche Verband” (Pan-German League). He was denied entrance into a prominent Art School. He later learned that 4 of the judges were Jews. Hitler told friends and classmates that he was outraged and threatened the director that the Jews would pay. This latter part was “made-up” but he believed it as if it were true.

He was also heavily influenced by the music of Richard Wagner. The anti-Semitist views expressed throughout Richard Wagner’s music contributed to Hitler’s views and subsequently the views of the Nationalist Socialist Party (Nazis). The theme throughout Wagner’s music is the basis of the doctrine subscribed to by the Nazis. This racial doctrine set forth the following guideline: (1) Inequality of mankind based on genetic traits; (2) The existences of different human races; and (3) the existence of an anti-race – the Jews. The Nazis conclude form this that the Aryan race is the superior race and the inferior races purpose is to serve the master race. At the bottom of the chain sits the Jews (anti race) and they are considered “worthless life.”...