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Dr. Kenneth Cromer

For our first session long project in this class, I will tell you a little about the company I work for then identify a moral problem and what the company is doing to correct it. The company that I work for has been around for a very very long time. For the last 24 years I have been employed by the United States military or Department of Defense (DoD). More precisely the branch of service I work for is Department of Navy (DON). One of the moral topics that currently face the military is the don’t ask don’t tell policy (DADT).

The United States military as we currently know it was established in various increments. The Army National Guard is the oldest branch of U.S military tracing its origins back to 1636. The Navy and Army were established in 1775, the Marines were established in 1798 and the youngest serves is the Air Force established in 1947. A little military nugget that is not widely know is, although the Continental Congress established the Navy and Army in 1775 we did have an Air Force and Marines. The two were integrated into the primary services. The Marines were a part of the Navy and the Air Forces was a part of the Army until they became their own services in 1798 and 1947 respectively.

A lot of people don’t know the history of the Coast Guard so I will try to explain how they fit in. The United States Coast Guard was originally established as the Revenue Cutter Service in 1790. In 1915, it was reformed as the United States Coast Guard, under the Treasury Department. In 1967, the Coast Guard was transferred to the Department of Transportation. Legislation passed in 2002 transferred the Coast Guard to the Department of Homeland Security. In peacetime, the Coast Guard is primarily concerned with law enforcement, boating safety, sea rescue, and illegal immigration control. However, the President of the United States can transfer part or all of the...