Lord of the Rings

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My pick for my novel study was to read Lord of The Rings. Reading this book took me a long time to read, mostly because I was just not inspired to read all the time, and with the book being so long, it took me a longer time to read epically with my reading speed rate as well. After I finally got done reading the book I was really glad that I finished it, and I got a better understanding of how people can say that the book is better then the movie.

The book to me might seem to have a message or theme to it. To me the book is telling me that no matter how many friends you may have, there will always be one true friend in the end. With the fellowship ending, Sam Wise is the only one that sticks with Frodo until the bitter end.

The Lord of The Rings, The Fellowship of The Ring is the first book of three witch tells the beginning tale of three middle aged hobbits who are set on a quest by the one and only Gandalf the Grey. To get the ring out of the Shire to protect the land of the dark evils of middle earth. Through the beginning to the middle of the book, they are being in constant pursuit of what is only then known at that time as the black riders. With some help they are rescued multiple of times, but eventually Frodo gets injured by the black riders and has to seek help by the elves at Rivendell. At the aid of Elrond, he decides to hold a council to decide were the ring must go from there. The consensus of the group is to destroy the ring by casting it back into the pits of were It was made.

The most important person in this book would defiantly have to be Mr Frodo Baggins: Frodo is the major character of the novel and this mainly because he has inherited the One Ring from his uncle, Bilbo Baggins. Frodo is a hobbit and as a timid and sometimes quiet personality, he is really not suited for the difficult journey ahead. He has quite an appetite for food and drink and song, and for most of The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo relies upon the help of his...