Entrepreneurship Management - Are There Circumstances When It Is Better for Me Not to Be an Innovator but Rather Produce Knock-Offs of Other Innovations

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Entrepreneurship Management

Q1 Seems like a lot of work in writing articles and time in chat rooms. Although it might be a way of getting people to my website with only a small expense, do you think that this approach is worth the investment of time?

Q2 What are the other benefits of this approach over and above simple a cost saving

Q3 Are there particular businesses and products more suitable for this approach

Q1 It is not surprising that a lawyer should say that an entrepreneur needs a lawyer to start a business. I certainly do not have money to burn on unnecessary legal fees. Which things do I need a lawyer for now, which things need a lawyer but can be delayed and finally which things can I do myself?

Q2 Other than the costs, are there any disadvantages to “bouncing ideas” of a lawyer?

Q3 I certainly don’t want to pay more taxes than I must. What the tax implications of the different legal structures for the business?

Q1 A cheaper way of advertising that is more effective at attracting customers – is this too good to be true? Why has the “simpler is better” approach worked for Breckenridge Brewery?

Q2 Assume that the CEO asked you about pricing its pint glasses and T-shirts to maximize profit from these items, or should I have a lower price to increase volume and benefit from the promotional impact the purchase these items have on the sales of my beer?”

Q3.Would you advise this approach to an entrepreneur whose primary products are highly technological? What about an entrepreneur whose products are sold to industrial buyers?

Q1.This whole idea of experimentation seems to make sense, but all those little failures can add up, and if there enough of them, then this could lead to one big failure-the business going down the drain. How can I best get the advantages of...