Organizational Behavior - Based on Your Knowledge of Team Dynamics, Explain Why the Packaging Department Is Less Productive Than Other Teams at Treetop

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Organizational Behavior

1. On reading the news about accession of China to WTO, your organization, an internationally well-known name in manufacturing of bicycles, who had just two years ago started operations in India, decided to relocate its manufacturing base to China, while retaining other service and corporate support in India. Discuss what should be the likely structure of your organization. (To help you understand the bicycle manufacturing and support services of the company, a brief outline of the product and process oriented activities is given below).

2. Explain the logic behind your suggested structure. What advantage can be reaped out of this move? What are the likely problems your organization may encounter in such a move?

3. Where did things go wrong?

4. Who is responsible for this episode? Is Mr. Jain to be blamed?

5. Should the training manager have conceded to his demand for appropriate placement?

6. Study this case carefully. In India we have two major Korean consumer electronics conglomerates. While both the companies have achieved tremendous market growth, they have started encountering the problem of losing their key people. Track such reasons to the typical Korean culture and suggest how such Korean companies can best adopt the theory Z model.

7. Read the case and suggest as an organizational behavior professional, what type of managerial interventions can ease the problem of customer service in a competitive, technology-intensive market?

8. Related the TQM concept in this case with customer retention.


1. How should Peter deal with John’s and Jane’s requests and the complaint from the administrators?

2. What can the organization as a whole do to address problems like these?