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A multisector collaboration is the partnership that results when government, non-profit, private and public organizations, community groups, and individual community members come together to solve problems that affect the whole community. Integration is incorporation or bringing of one thing or organization together into a unified, harmonious or interrelated whole or system. Multisector, when integrated can solve one or more organization/sector private or public “systematic problems.”

The researcher conducted a thorough investigation and found out that Samahang Nayon Cooperative is experiencing problem with the integration of their business namely barber shop, hotel and function hall business. Therefore, the researcher has decided to build a multi-sector business system that is integrated in a consolidated computer program to closely monitor the flow of events in every sector of business conducted daily.

After building and testing the new system, the researcher has noticed major improvement in their business process that proved functional in accordance with the envisioned result in its performance. This improvement accounts to the multi-sector capability of the enhanced business process. The improvement is of great significance to the Samahang Nayon Cooperative because this will create safeguard to all its transactions that are vulnerable to theft and other non-monetary factors that can end up to financial loss if not controlled.

Chapter I


Through man’s increase in knowledge, idea and creativity the world has been changed from the primitive tools of the ancient man to the highly sophisticated modern technology that we are using today. The advancement in technology and the high-tech hardware and software created a new horizon of awareness and acquaintance to technological environment that offers unprecedented benefits to hasten business activities that congruently fit to the fast growing culture in the era of industrialization....