Old Testament Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper

“Old Testament Life Lessons”

I was brought up in church and I’m very familiar with most of the stories in the Old Testament. However, in this course I am learning a lot. I like how all the stories do in depth and I am learning more and really understanding the moral of the story. The three most important lessons that I have learned is to recognize the need to really trust God, the importance of patience and honoring God above anything in our world.

The story of Abraham is a great example of how no one is perfect but having faith in the Lord is a blessing in itself. In Genesis 22, we see how God tested Abraham. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac and that was tremendous given the time that Abraham and Sarah had waiting for this son. Abraham trusted God and had faith and God revealed that it was just a test. The life of Abraham had high and lows. Before this course I had never really studied the lows in Abrahams life, which now I see more relatable. Just like Abraham, I know I have found myself in some points in my life where I have put God in the back burner and did as I pleased. I can relate in how Abram didn’t trust in God during the famine and left where God had placed to get food. He didn’t trust in God and in fear lied about his wife being his sister. When making decisions it is important to seek God and let him guide you. A prime example that always pops up in my head is when I am sick. I always want to run to the medicine cabinet and see what’s there to make me feel better. However, I should trust in God with something that is so minor like this and pray and have faith that God will take care of it. This also occurs in stressful situations, I tend to act before seeking the guidance of God. Which leads to the importance of having patience.

Joseph is one of those admirable men I have studied. He is filled with patience and faith. In Genesis 37 we read the story of Joseph and how his life began to crumble. Joseph was beaten...