Ten Disappearing Jobs and Three Rising Jobs

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Ten jobs that is disappearing in the future ten years

Nowadays, people cannot attain job security due to various reasons. While some jobs are disappearing because of the daily improving technology and information resources, others may no longer exist because of the rapid change of concept or life style. Here are the ten jobs that I presume to disappear in the coming ten years.

1. Journalist

Here is an example to demonstrate how journalists can be replaced by artificial intelligences. Quill, Narrative Science’s advanced natural language generation, provides perfectly written, meaningful narratives for any intended audience. Even famous business magazines like Forbes are Narrative Science’s clients. Quill is no doubt a strong rival of journalists.

Furthermore, the development of social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook compresses the living room of traditional newspaper and magazine such as Guardian UK.

2. Bank teller

While bank tellers deal directly with most customers, most skills they are required to process their job are routine skills. If the banking system is so well developed that all the basic services can be provided automatically, then bank teller will no longer exists. In fact, that is exactly what is happening nowadays. Most transactions are proceeded without actual banker supervising and with Visa’s Plus+ system even exchanging services can be provided on an ATM.

3. Assembler

Take FIH Mobile Limited, a major electronic OEM company, as an example. In May 2016, the group has brought in robot arms to perform repetitive tasks, thus axed more than half its 110,000 strong workforce at a factory in Southern China. Although for now machines can only do easy jobs, it is certain that more and more innovative manufacturing technologies will be introduced to the assembly industry.

4. Cable TV technician

With a set-top box and Internet access, whatever screen can become a well-functioned television. Even if you only have...