Affirmative Action

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Affirmative Action Recommendation

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In an effort to improve the race relations and diversity in our company I am recommending that we implement an affirmative action policy. During my recommendation I will explore the advantages of the affirmative action policy while also including points that may be used against my recommendation. I will also address how affirmative action will relate to the compliance with equal employment opportunity laws.

One must maintain a general understanding of exactly what affirmative action is. By definition affirmative action is a policy or a program that seeks to redress past discrimination through active measures to ensure equal opportunity, as in education and employment. I believe that an affirmative action policy will help to ensure that there is fair treatment of protected-class members and minorities. Affirmative action is not just a policy that promotes diversity in the workplace but it also is an affective way to monitor the progress of employees. The Hilton Hotel chain implemented an affirmative action policy similar to ours that worked wonders with their franchise. The Hilton Hotel chain uses a slogan that says, “The Hilton Family, where diversity works.” They have maintained a 60% minority workforce with 50% of those being women. They also have a 30% minority representation in management positions with over 40% being women. Along with these outstanding statistics Hilton also has a diversity training program and a projected result of their affirmative action policy which states, “enhanced competitiveness through a workforce that reflects diversity of our hotel guests, appreciate uniqueness of each guest, and values contribution of all fellow team members. So as you can see like the Hilton Hotel chain we can achieve these statistics with little effort as long as we have full compliance

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