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Jeju Tourism Product

By Kye Sung Ko, Academic faculty, Dept of Hotel Mgmt of Jeju Tourism College Island differs greatly in size, climate, natural resources, culture, and history, including tourism. As you all know, Jeju island, the largest island in Korea, is a holiday resort. This island destination offers a range of associated nature-based, cultural, and leisure activities to increase the domestic and international visitors. The island is covered in volcanic rocks and soils produced by Mt. Halla, the tallest mountain in Korea. Mt. Halla presents a completely different face for each seasonal change. The caves provide opportunities for scientific research and are also popular tourist destinations. Off the shores of the city of Seogwipo are vast belt of pillar-shaped rocks that examples of the natural beauty of Jeju. In addition, there are lots of lateral volcanoes (in Korean as Oreum), which are known as the largest number in the world. Above all, seaside lava caves and white sand beaches are irresistible. This island paradise offers diverse sports and cultural activities in cozy indoor settings and the great outdoors with promising adventure. Horseback riding, windsurfing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, paragliding, balloon riding, fishing, performing arts, conventions, exhibitions and folk festivals offer diverse options for active vacationers. Especially, the magnificent view of Mt. Halla and the year-round green grass of Jeju make golf the leading sport and leisure activity on the island. Jeju’s golf course has excellent fairways and scenic surroundings. There are nineteen golf courses with an additional 17 scheduled to open in the near future. The golf courses stretch along the picturesque coastline against the backdrop of snow-capped Mt. Halla. The indigenous Jorang pony in this paradise is actually a small sized grown horse that is easy to ride and known for its endurance and quickness. That’s why it continues to be a major attraction. It is popular...