Business Plan - Example Art and Furniture

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Index 1. Executive Summary 2. Products and/or services n The products and/or services n Market segmentation n Sector analysis and opportunities n The competition 3. Business concept n Core business n Strategic partners / stakeholders (who does what?) n Added value for clients 4. Commercialization n Price setting n Marketing and sales n Sales interface n Service after sales 5. Organisation and administration n Management n Employees and structure

Executive Summary The Vision: I want to introduce a modern African Art Scene to Antwerpen. This stems from an idea of people to express them selves differently. The décor in your house is an expression of personality, and to me individuality is the key. We all use a table but what does it say about me… we need something more meaningful than Ikea. How about something colorful? How about something with shape or style? I don’t want simple… I ‘am not simple. What about you? These questions are something I don’t want you to answer but what I want you to experience. Modern African Art is rather broad, with many products available. When I look at the available products that could be eye catching to European citizens, it seems only natural to bring, what hasn’t been seen. What do I mean by this? The best and most up to date that’s available. My business will entail finding a suitable place for setup, a wellestablished art correspondent in South Africa, some of the best artists in around the Sub Saharan African region, marketing that sets a very high standard of service/product quality, a means of delivery to Antwerpen, a lot of statistical analysis and first and for most capital and time.

Products and/or services - The products The art on the front cover of this business plan shows exactly what I am looking for. A range of well-designed mosaic tables, mirrors, place settings and wall hangings with different colors and...