Mba Business Plan Liquid Asset Innovations

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C-C-Cold P-P-Pitcher

Liquid Asset Innovations, LLC

Business Plan

Fred Allen

Bob Bonner

Bo Iler

Becky Moon

BADM 672

Spring 2008

Liquid Asset Innovations, LLC

Edwards Street

Rock Hill, SC

(803) 555-1212



Owner: Bo Iler

Description of Business:

This business will initially sell one product, an innovative pitcher that features an internal ice chamber that cools beverages without diluting them. Sales will be made primarily to restaurants and bars that consider beer sales to be important to their ability to increase profitability. The product, marketed as C-C-Cold P-P-Pitcher, will be differentiated through outstanding service from LAI to include direct support from a company sales representative that helps with ordering, receiving, and implementing a marketing plan tailored to the individual customer.


Initial financing requested is $25,000 to be paid off over three years. The loan is set up as an “interest only” loan for the first year with principal payments beginning the first month of the second year. See APPENDIX 4- Exhibit 4, for a detailed payment schedule. The debt will be used to offset initial start up costs, cover office space and initial operating costs.

This report is confidential and the property of the owner listed above. It is intended for use only by the persons to whom it is transmitted, and any reproduction or divulgence of any of its contents without the prior written consent of the company is prohibited.

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary 4

II. Marketing Plan 8

1. Industry Analysis 8

2. Analysis of Competition/Market Segmentation 14

3. Selling Strategy 18

4. Market Plan Details 20

5. Pricing 22

6. Distribution 23

7. Promotion 24...