Corporate Social Responsibility-Fiji Water

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1. Introduction

Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is a concept ‘whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.’( The European Commission, n.d) While governments, activists and the media have become frequently emphasized that companies should account for the social consequences of their activities, companies choose to pretend to be green. Greenpeace (n.d) defines it as Greenwash, a concept ‘used to describe the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service’. Here I would like to analysis the CSR problems faced by FIJI Water, and disclose the Greenwash phenomena in the business which endanger the brand image. Firstly, some key facts will be listed and relevant stakeholders as well as their involvements are distinctly analyzed. Also, the ethics and values of the case are illustrated. Lastly, adopted solutions and other effective suggestions, as well as evaluations are illustrated respectively.

2. The Case

2.1 The situation and key factors

Known as the leading imported bottled water brand in American, FIJI Natural Artesian Water (FIJI Water) has encountered numerous CSR issues. What concerns the wide community most is the greenwash which are widely found in the company’s green campaign. Specifically, Tuerff (2008) noted that a launched rating system (The Greenwashing Index) indicates that the FIJI water’s ad ‘Every drop is green’ is a near-total greenwashing, because of its plastic packaging and great-distance food miles. Greenwashing is also exemplified by the company website. It brags about its ‘carbon negative’ (FijiGreen, 2007), using a new method called carbon footprint (Ball, 2009). As quoted from the company’s website, ‘The production and sale of each bottle of Fiji Water will actually result in a reduction of carbon in the atmosphere.’ This depends on...