Speech About Perseverance

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You all know the success story of Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling or Albert Einstein, but do you know what they have in common? They failed at first. Yes, a failure, be a flop, muff their chance. I mean they didn’t jump right into success. That’s what I want to emphasize today, I want to pay tribute to those who never give up, who continue to fight, and who are able to gather all their energy to finally embrace it; the success.

“Success”: we all want it in this class, sooner the better. But first, each one of us have to define this word, and do not let others do it for you. Second, use the tool at your disposal: more powerful than any computer, mostly use at only 2%... I mean your brain. How can you drive forward to a successful future using this mega computer?

First, I choose a quote from Michelangelo, which summarizes perfectly my first thought. He said about his legacy: “If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn’t call it genius.” Your brain needs knowledge as much as food. Imagine being really keen on your task, or job, and just locking this amazing learning power on the subject. Trust me, you will be unstoppable. Greater desires and ambition mean that you will have to work, both smarter and harder. But this is the rule of the game.

Secondly, your brain is born to persevere. Indeed, obstacles forced you to show more determination than the others. To illustrate my view, I decide to pick the example of Lucille Ball. You all know her from our ABC classes. Well before starring in I love Lucy, Ball was widely regarded as a failed actress and a B movie star. Even her drama instructors didn’t feel she could make it, telling her to try another profession. She, of course, proved them all wrong. Passion and persistence are the strongest forces you have.

Third, your brain accepts failure, which is just in fact the first step toward the success. Learn from it. Focus on a solution. Accept it to move forward. Failure is not a result, never a...