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Organised by metaphor, topic and key word by Jon Wright

Edited by Jimmie Hill and Morgan Lewis Illustrated by Bill Stott

Australia Canada Mexico Singapore Spain United Kingdom United States

Idioms Organiser Organised by metaphor, topic and key word Jon Wright Publisher/Global ELT: Christopher Wenger Executive Marketing Manager, Global ELT/ESL: Amy Mabtey Cover design: Anna Macleod Cartoons: Bill Scott Copyright © 2002 by Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation. Heinle. Thomson and the Thomson logo are trademarks used herein under license. Copyright ©formerly held by Language Teaching Publications and R.A. Close 1992. Printed in Croatia by Zrinski d.d. - 5 6 7 8 9 10 06 05 04 03 02 For more information contact Heinle, 25 Thomson Place, Boston, MA 02210 USA, or you can visit our Internet site at All rights reserved. No part of this work covered by the copyright hereon may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means — graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, Web distribution or information storage and retrieval systems — without the written permission of the publisher.

ISBN: 1 899396 06 3 The Author Jon Wright is co-founder and Director of Studies of The Language Project, Bristol, a small school With a special focus on developing innovative learner-centred materials. He has many years' experience as a teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer and examiner. His other publications include Basic Grammar, with Dave Willis, for Cobuild, and Dictionaries, in the OUP Resource Books for Teachers Series. Author's Acknowledgement would like to thank my editors Jimmie Hill and Morgan Lewis, for their considerable guidance in shaping this book, as well as acknowledging the many ideas and examples, which they gave so generously. The staff and students of The Language Project in Bristol have helped me in many ways both in and outside the classroom. As always, a special thank you to...