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Chapter-1: Introduction

1.1Background of the report:

A report is something about a comment on specific considerable matter. It says positive and negative sides on a particular subject and gives proposals and suggestions for further improvement. If the report is on Banking Sector, it will be an analysis on financial strength or remittance flow and overall customer satisfaction on the provided service by a particular bank. ‘The City Bank Limited’-a renowned private commercial bank in the banking sector of Bangladesh, is very much dedicated for ensuring quality service to its customers. This report is about the customer satisfaction on the remittance flow of ‘The City Bank Limited.’


The term ‘remittance’ is taken from the word ‘remit’ which means sending or transferring money from one place to another. Remittance of funds through banks eliminates the hazards in transportation of cash from one place to another for settling trade and private dues.

Customer Satisfaction:

Customer Satisfaction means satisfaction of customers on a given service. In this regard it can be said that how a bank can satisfy its customers by the remittance service, is the main focusing factor in this report.

1.2 Statement of the problem:

Customer satisfaction is a very important thing in Banking Business. The growth of any private commercial bank is highly depended on the satisfaction of it’s up going customers. People like to save their money in that organization which is more secured to them and which can give them an attractive profit rate. ‘The City Bank Limited’ concerns about customer service as first priority. As a result of its effort, the bank gets consequent success and rapid growth in recent years.

So, the statement of problem is How Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited is satisfying customers by its remittance service. Here the discussing issue will be the local remittance such as TT, DD, MT etc.

1.3 Objective of the study:

The objective of the study is...