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Information Systems Business Problem dimensions


Mr. Gonzalez

The three dimensions to business problems are organization, people, and technology. If a company has organized levels of management, trained people, and a great information system they will succeed. An example of an organization is a company like Dell that creates information systems using skilled Information Specialist. An example of people is a Specialist that works at dell that has a Master’s degree in Information Technology/Support. He is a trained employee that understands how to fix problems without the help of another employee. A bad choice of an employee would be someone working at dell in the support department with no training at all about the position. This makes a big difference when it comes to people purchasing another computer will Dell. If they have a bad experience with the unskilled employee they might decide to buy from another company. If someone has a website and they try to run it from their home computer they may experience problems. A home computer isn’t a great choice because it isn’t fast enough or have enough capacity to keep a website up and running. A server would be an example of an excellent choice to use for a website because it can process more than a regular pc.

The difference between IT and Information systems is that Information technology consists of all the hardware and software that a computer needs to operate. Information systems are a corresponding set of components that retrieve, process, and store data. Information systems are used in most businesses to store important data that the company needs to complete their work. Cash registers are an example of an Information system in the business world. These systems can contain information such as places, names, and dates. They can also be used for analyzing a problem and being able to figure it out. It is important to have an updated system to ensure your customers receive the best service. An...