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Rejoice Dianara P. Villanueva Ms. Rachel Mariano

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"Bunso (The Youngest)"

Bunso is a documentary film that captures the three young children who were accused and thrown in a provincial jail for adult prisoners. It reveals the state of the juvenile justice system in the Philippines. It was filmed in Cebuano that's why we got a hard time to watch the movie, though it was subtitled in english, we still can't catch the other words that they are saying. When I watched the movie, I only rely to their facial expressions and also the English subtitles to understand what they're saying. This film was released in screening last December 2004 and since then, this film earned many international awards and been featured in countless film festivals. This film was about the everyday life of the young kids who were thrown to jail. They have spent they're life in aggravating conditions in an overcrowded cells among with the adult prisoners. It focuses on the experiences of the three young kids known as Anthony, a 13 years old boy who loves his family so much that he was accused of stealing money to feed his siblings; Diosel, a 11 years old boy who was sent to jail by his father after he got caught stealing from a store and; Tisoy (also known as Bunso), a 11 years old boy who was always neglected by his parents and was sent to jail because of stealing money in order to sustain his addiction. This three young kids represent the other child criminals who were thrown in the jail. Many of this kids were forgotten. They can only take a shower if it rains. And this young kids were exposed to violence and live horrendous conditon because they are with the other adult prisoners. Almost all of the kids in the cell has a tattoo. And some of them were raped. I'm really impressed when I saw they're strategy how to get a complete meal with water so that they can survive for the rest of the day. The prison was also lack of facilities and equipments. I...