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Desktop sharing is a common name for technologies and products that allow remote access and remote collaboration on a person's computer desktop through a graphical Terminal emulator. Desktop sharing uses simple software to share files, presentations and applications over the Internet -- in real time -- with colleagues and clients around the world. A person can access a remote computer over internet from any internet enabled device.

Desktop sharing software works by sending packets of information from a host computer to a remote computer describing what's on the host computer's screen at any given time. The encrypted data travels over the Internet. Some data arrives as image files (JPEGs and GIFs), while others arrive as individual pixels assigned to a particular X and Y coordinate.



Various Phases in this project are:

PHASE-I: Developing a Communication Protocol between Client and Host - This includes user logon, send/ receive of screenshots, keyboard strokes, mouse clicks, mouse position. It will provide connection between the remote computer and the current working PC. Then with the help of APIs developing basic host program running at the remote computer which will send desktop screenshots to the client program running at any other computer.

PHASE –II: In this phase we will try to transfer real time data such as sound, video from remote desktop to the client PC.

PHASE –III: Giving control of the remote computer to the client desktop for access of files, etc.

S.No. List of Activities Start Date Days to Begin Duration Days To Complete

1 Developing Communication Protocol 27/01/2010 0 21 21

2 Developing a basic Host Program 31/01/2010 4 20 24

3 Developing a basic Client Program 31/01/2010 4 20 24

4 Remote Access to the host computer 21/02/2010 25 15 40

5 Screen Sharing 21/02/2010 25 15 40

6 Real Time Collaboration 8/3/2010 40 25 65

7 Remote Control 8/3/2010 40 25 65