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MM&P&C - Assignment Outline

• Executive Summary

Brief situation analysis, marketing strategy, financial investment, payback period, rate of return, implementation & control.

• Table of Content

1. Situation Analysis

1. Introduction

2. Parent Co.

3. New Product/Service ( New Company

4. PESTLE Analysis ( Have to assess to the real market correspondently

1. Political

2. Economic

3. Socio-cultural

4. Technological

5. Legal

6. Environmental

5. SWOT Analysis

1. Strength

2. Weakness

3. Opportunities (relative to your business, present situation)

4. Threats

6. Optional Analysis

1. * Competitive Environment

(eg. What are those market positions of your competitors?)

2. * Business environment (Market share and size in the local industry)

3. * Industrial prospect (audience is investors, talking about future)

4. Porter Five Forces Analysis

2. Marketing Strategy

1. New product/service/new company, mission statement (4 to 5 rows)

2. Target Market (Consider B2C in this assignment only)

1. Geographic (Active location of your target customer)

2. Demographic (Background of your desire target customer)

■ Age, Sex, income, education, social class, married/single, if applicable

3. Psychographic [Life-style of the target segment(s)]

4. Behavioural (eg. Usage, seasonal)

3. Market positioning (Optional)

eg. Nutrition vs Taste

4. Value Proposition

eg. What value(s) you selling to the target market?

5. Marketing Mix Strategy

1. Product (eg. size, package, appearance, added value)

2. Price (eg. Unit price [with specific reason], package price)

3. Place (selection of your effective distribution channel, with...