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In the Traditional Wedding Ceremony, this would be the Order of Service:

• The Music begins.

• Opening Prayer.

• Parents of the Groom are seated

• The Best man and Groom enter and proceed to the front.

• The Bridal party enters and proceeds to the front.

• The Ring Bearer and/or Flower Girl enter, proceed to front, and sit down.

•  Music concludes for the Bridal Party.

• The audience is asked to rise and welcome the Bride.

• Music begins for the Bride’s entrance (Processional music)

• The Bride and her escort enter and are met by the Groom.

• Bride’s music concludes.

• First Bible Reading

• Musical interlude (solo, etc.).

• Second Bible Reading.

• Special Music (musical interlude, or musical and vocal performance)

• Opening commentary.

• Bride and Groom present flowers to parents.

• "Declarations Of Intent" by Bride and Groom.

• "Declarations Of Intent" by the Church/ congregation.

• Exchange of Wedding Vows

• Blessing of the Rings.

• Exchange of Wedding Rings

• Final commentary.

• Introduction of the new couple

• Recessional music begins.

• Bride and Groom exit.

• Bridal party exits and forms reception line.




This is a widely used Religious Wedding Ceremony.

We are gathered here in God’s presence to witness the marriage of ________________ and _______________ and to ask God to bless them.

Marriage, like our creation as men and women, owes it’s very existence to God. It is God’s will and intention that a husband and wife should love each other throughout their life; (and that the children born to them should enjoy the security of family and home).

Opening Prayer (please bow your heads)

O God, you are the creator of all things; you made us, and you sustain us; we depend on you.

For the gift of life, we praise you.

For being able to think about it’s meaning and purpose, we...