Right Man Wrong Job

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Right man, wrong job Introduction1234567Deewakar Hansa - vice pressident of catalyst solution(consultancy) Amit Roy - business head. Dave - country head. Keith - Asia pacific head. Boss -who sits at London . Commercial director. David jones - business advisor to Dave.

Dave asked Deewakar hansa to hire Amit Roy because he knew that, he could turn around the fortune of the business. For xanites India was on top priority for outsourcing the call centre operation. Dave clearly mentioned that he needs a business head who understands the Indian market properly. Dave thought that it would be good to hire a skilled person especially for the operation in India. Amit Roy a guy had an experience of 18 years in two different companies. He was an active person who always motivates hi subordinate to give their 100%. He was well suited to the needs of xanites. After three months Amit Roy joined the XANITES. Amit roy was not proving himself as the organisation had expected. Amit Roy finds what exactly needs to be done but after several discussion and presentation nothing moved. Deewankar hansa asked why? Amit roy replied, they still wanted to know the Indian market and culture. After sometime Amit Roy said to deewankar hansa , my boss Keith , the head of Asia Pacific operations has agreed with the plan. But sanctions had to come from higher authorities. Keith spoke to lies boss who made a call to commercial director and so on and our competitor had already implemented. After seeing Amit Roy s sad face deewankar hansa picked up phone and spoke to no. of people that he has a very big plan what xanite needs. Some youth management told that we should implement

his ideas but old member as well as Asia pacific head told we couldn t run that fast so tell him to be patient. He was entrepreneurship in him but couldn t made it because of conflicts. structures are easy to change but mind sets take longer . Amit roys plans- he wanted to recruit 10,000 in each quarter Justification-...