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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper


July 27, 2011

Problem Formulation and Identification Paper

Decisions are a part of existence for every individual. In every region, be it personal or professional life, decisions need to be made. There are several forms of decision making, which can differ in value. There could also be some cases where decisions may need to be made rapidly. But when confronted with problems or situations where the decision will affect not only us, but others around us as well, then the decisions have to be made very cautiously. Lots of people make decisions on their gut feeling. But if the decision entails money or someone's life, it is imperative to study the circumstances carefully before making the final decision. There are several steps to decision making that can aid in making important decisions carefully and thoughtfully.

Different forms of strengths and weaknesses found in each style within the teams organizations will be discussed. This paper includes problems that have been gathered and identified; then formulated various styles within the teams’ organizations such as the government worker ……………………………...

City of El Paso – Hierarchical Decision Making

Amongst the human race are great thinkers, people who can think and strategize and consider all while contemplating a logical thought as to why that particular decision is being made. The City of El Paso uses the Hierarchical Decision Making. Within this genre of decision making the “Hierarchical decision makers are maximizers and unifocused. They collect large amounts of information and then select one best solution. They plan how to implement the solution in detail and press forward to implementing it. This style of decision making is common in government. Many USA presidents have used it.” (

Within the City of El Paso the city...