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BUSN150 DB Unit 2

I truly believe that we should hold individuals in certain professions to a higher standard of legal accountability and responsibility, because the profession that the person is in has legal obligations as well as responsibilities when the individuals are professionals in their career. My reasons are that I believe that once a position has been taken in a professional career you as an individual will have to make the right decisions or you can be held accountable and your career will be at risk. Another reason I believe that once an individual has a career, that individual automatically knows that their job requires high standards, because society will put their trust and faith in his/her hands such as law enforcement, nurse, doctor, or pharmacist. We as a society should know the standards of what is to be expected by professionals in certain positions, because we trust them with our daily lives as well as the community we live in, and I strongly believe that the positions I mentioned should be held to a higher standard of accountability.

The advantages of being a doctor is that he/she makes a very good salary as well as being recognized for their efforts and achievements in that community where he/she works. Also, another advantage is trust, community involvement, and being able to profile his/her values and ethics of what they learned to the workplace in their career. Now, the disadvantage of being a nurse or doctor is that if he/she does not meet the accepted standards of care they can be sued for negligence or harm to a patient. There are advantages and disadvantages in any professional career that an individual is involved in when dealing with the public.

Now, secretaries, and people that work in retail does require responsibility and accountability, and it has lower standards than those who have the public lives in their hands. These professionals are not held to a higher standard of accountability or responsibility like...