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final checkpoint

Race and Ethnicity

Shamika Dee Johnson


Dr. R. Pacheco


This class was a breath of fresh air. It has opened my eyes to a whole new spectrum. Growing up in school we have always been forced to study the African American Heritage. Do not get me wrong but I am aware of my history as an African American. Race and Ethnicity had allowed me the chance to explore other minority groups and there origins. Know the struggles of immigration, stereotyping, discrimination, racism, and segregation with other minorities only builds on the respect that was already existing. Knowing that we were not the only people belittled and wronged through out the rise of our existence. “The longer we live, the more we find we are like other persons” (Oliver Wendell Holmes).

Honestly I have not learned anything new about my race and ethnicity. Since the first years of school we have been learning about African American history from slavery to our present state. Though I am sure there may be little bits and pieces that I do not know but for the most of it. I well aware of the history of my people and our present state.

A rising in the number of minorities across this country up to 50%. It is expected that Asians and Hispanics will grow in mass numbers over there years landing them in the higher percentile of minorities. “Whites now represent 69 percent of the population, but their growth is slowing because of low rates of birth and immigration. Their total will grow 7 percent to 210 million, or 50.1 percent of the population, in 2050” ( I believe this is definitely needed. It should help with equality if we are fair in numbers.

There is much preparation needed. We must ready ourselves for the vast changes approaching us. Seeing the in a more diverse manner would suit us all. Putting a stop to the discrimination and racism would let thing ease into effect in a smoother light. Cease with the stereotyping and the degrading...