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Executive Summary

• M Brand is our largest brand, by volume and value.

• In 2000, M became part of the EX group.

• M brand represented in all major automotive applications, as well as in coastal marine, oil production and major industrial applications

• China is one of the key strategic markets for M global.

• This assignment is focus on analysis of M China Automotive marketing.

Part A (1) M China

1. Who we are

M is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading specialist provider of Y Product solution

M History …

M’s brand

is about passion, excitement and performance. For many, that means speed. M has been actively engaged with motorsport teams and M -sponsored drivers have broken the land speed record more than 20 times. Such relationships have been a proving ground for M’s products and central to building M’s reputation as the world's most advanced engine oils and fluids.

M China: Today you will find a wide range of technologically advanced M Y Product s for your vehicles at a local EX station or automotive supply shop. M products are sold in more than 150 countries. China is the biggest automotive market in the world. M entered and start their business in twenties years before. M China is getting more and more important and China has become one of the key strategic markets and one of the key growth engines for M global.

2. Where we operate

- M Global footprint with focus on 19 Core and Growth Markets (China as one of them)

- In 2010, China automotive has surplus USA and become the biggest automotive market in the world

- In Chin, we focus and operate in following market spaces: focus on Passenger Cars, OEM Franchised Workshops and Consumer & Heavy Duty Trucks market spaces and de-focused in Motorcycles space

PEST Analysis


- As long as the economics growth YOY, China government play an important role for car consumption with government...