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Assignment Code : 3/TMA/SEM-I/2011

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1. Identify the critical elements of the sociological environment of business and analyze the social problems and prospects with the help of examples.

A business comprises of a market place, the owner and the partners. Now as it involves people so it is also have social environment which is also necessary for the survival and easy going of business. Thus a social concord is required. Critical elements of sociological environment includes:

Social institutions and systems: these comprise of an important part of our society and its order. As in past the head of the family was the central person who was only one to take decisions and others were bound to follow it. Later now, the position of women and children in the family with the relevant matter is also a major consideration.

Social values and attitudes: they are changing with time. As people are getting educated and influenced by one and the other culture so, the social values and attitudes are influenced. The same is helpful in business as like earlier way, a business is not just confined to a specific place, caste or community. It has widened with the thoughts of people.

Education and culture: as discussed the education has its major impact on the social values and so on the business. As it gives enough information, training and skill to develop business to heights.

Role and responsibility of the govt.: in the democratic country like india govt is responsible to see that a there is harmony between different groups of society in matter of business, also to see that no social differences influences the discord among people.

Social groups and movements:...