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IT/242- Introduction to WAN Technologies



VoIP which is also called (Voice over Internet Protocol) is rather a simple and straightforward part of technology today. What it does is transform noise into packets of information that is transported across the Internet or a network that requires passwords for entrance. An example would be a person’s email which requires a password for entrance to see messages. Another example would be Axia College online classes which require a secret pin in order to be granted access. After that it congregates them at the end point into their innovative form.

The case study that is going to be explained which was a success is Ryla Teleservices. This company is a market adviser in delegate customer contact, data confirmation, and justification services for business to business collaboration. About three years ago, Mark Wilson an industrialist and teleservices business veteran, developed Ryla Teleservices in Woodstock, GA. At that time the upper level team decided to apply a VoIP solution from AT&T during the initial creation of their network. Since Ryla’s production revolves around telephone data collection, a VoIP would drop their long-distance and network preservation costs and will offer the flexibility to carry out advanced technical features as the business progress.

Mark Wilson the creator believes that VoIP has played a part in the business successfulness. Since the business has been so successful they have been able to employ more than 200 people and have created double-digit profits development year after year since it was designed. The AT&T internet service VoIP resolution has clearly demonstrated its benefit to our company. The service provided is consistent and the cost of the benefits is almost endless. In 2002 this was the most important decision that was made with great satisfaction.

With VoIP they have been allowed to present more services such as Web chat, and email response...