Health Care Issues in the United States

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Assignment #1

Health Care Issues in the United States

Dr. James Driscoll

HSA 500

Clinardus Parks


In this paper I will be discussing health care issues in the United States. I will explain how health is affected by behaviors, economics, and social structure. I will describe the three stages of medical technology development. I will describe the major trends in the population demographics over the past 80 years. I will also describe the most important trends in morality in the past century.

Statistical data and reports show social behavior, economic status, and social structures are important determinants of health. The use of illegal drugs, alcohol, and smoking tobacco are all person preferences that also are patterns that affect the economy and the personal health of those who indulge in those vices. Citizens in the United States all live in societal systems. There are numerous outside influences that affect people. Individuals are affected by peers, the internet, extracurricular activities within their communities, and even their own families. Economic status also plays an enormous role in one’s health because numerous discrepancies continue to exist due to ethnicity and socio-economic status. Those who live in poorer communities often suffer from greater ill health while those living in deprived areas are often without access to the best health care. This lack of prevention stems from poor education often received in those areas and the culture that often permeates within them.

The three stages of medical technology are review by regulatory agencies, technology assessments by insurance carriers, and review by purchasers, clinicians, and consumers. Review by regulatory agencies is the most recognized of the three stages and is administered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA is responsible for protecting and promoting public health by regulating pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Fertility is one of the key...