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Module: Fashion Marketing Principles (Course Code: FM-0211-05)

Lecturer: Francoise TELLIER

Project Brief / Final Assignment Week 8

Term: 11T1 Date: February 2011 Group: FM 1.1. Room: N302

Project Brief / Assignment Title: Marketing plan |

Brief Outline / Assignment Description |

You are to conduct a marketing analysis of the company of your choice. Throughout a market research you will identify market opportunities, your direct competitors, and target customers. You will analyze the current situation and resources of the company in order to highlight its strengths and weaknesses to finally suggest a new marketing plan. |

Objective / Learning Outcome |

Student will be able to complete assignment by doing an in-depth and relevant market research. This project will provide students with knowledge and skills enabling them to understand their marketing environment and the impact that external factors may have on a given industry. It will also provide an understanding of the basic marketing concepts necessary to carry on their studies. |

Evaluation Criteria |

Assessed Area | Requirements | Percentage 55 % |

Comprehension | Understanding of marketing concepts | 30% |

Research | Quality of research and ANALYSIS | 20% |

Presentation | Convincing and clear presentation in English | 20% |

Completion and Accuracy | Meaningful information, complete report | 30% |

Final Mark: 55% of total term grading | 100% |

Format | A4 format report + Ppt presentation of minimum 15 maximum 20 slides |

Deliverables | Copy on CD |

Deadline | Project week 10, presentation with PPT week 11 |


COVER PAGE (Marketing Principles, Final Assignment, Title of your project, Lecturer: Francoise Tellier, Student Name in English and Pinyin + Stu ID, Level 1.1.1, Date of submission)


TABLE OF CONTENT (structure of the project + page numbering)