Quality Evolution

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CLP Industries uses all aspects of Quality Management approach within the company. Management places emphasis at all levels such as Inspection, Quality Control, Statistical Quality Control, Statistical Process Control, Total Quality Management, and Continuous Improvement. For a company to meet the challenges of a global economy, manufacturers and providers of services must balance the economic and profit aspects of their businesses with the goal of achieving total customer satisfaction. Quality must be designed into, built into, and maintained for each product or services provided by the company. Customers recognize that quality is an important attribute in products and services. Suppliers recognize that quality can be an important differentiator between their own offerings and those of competitors (quality differentiation is also called the quality gap).

Fiberglass Formulations does not seem too worried about safety, production or profits. Well, they do worry about profits, just not the right way. If they spent time fixing their problems and looking for a solution to their problems, production would go up and so would profits. They seem to be at the beginning of the evolution chart. To remain competitive, companies must focus on effectively meeting the reasonable needs and expectations of their customers. Productivity comes from managing work activities as processes. As process performance is measured and sources of variations are removed, the effectiveness of the process increases.

Tasty Morsels Chocolates needs to be more proactive in the process of their chocolates. Prevention is designed to prevent defects, defectives, and non conformance in products and services. By using key indicators of product performance and statistical methods, those monitoring the process are able to identify changes that affect the quality of the product and adjust the process accordingly. Statistical process control also seeks to limit the variation present in the item being...