Tsa Choose Your Own Adventure Ethics

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Choose your own adventure

You are going for a week long business trip to China, you are already a bit disgruntled about having fly for 13.5 hours from New York to Beijing after your flight from Cleveland to New York which incorporates a 5 hour layover. Trying to be optimistic at least you will have plenty of time to get through security at a high traffic time at 1PM on Wednesday at JFK International airport to stretch your legs and eat breakfast, this is one of the busiest times a day for JFK security processing. Your company has decided to send you on this trip to China, last minute, to manage a project that has run into delays. Because your boss is not available for the trip and therefore sent you, you will need to use non-positional leadership to get things done without having the direct position of power. Since the timeframe is short and you have to visit several plants you will need to align perceptions and set baseline expectations and accountability in a pacesetting and coercive manner while keeping in mind that your message will come across best using problem oriented not person oriented supportive communication so that the employees do don’t become defensive and commit to actively work on improvement after you leave their country. Your boss needs you to depart on December 15 arriving back in Cleveland on December 23rd right before the Christmas holiday. Not only does this put a cramp on your holiday plans, the company has also issued a policy that associates are no longer to travel business class because of the cost differential, so you will be flying coach. After all of this, it is important that you use your personal attraction and charisma to inspire the employees and to get the project back on track.

As you approach your first line of security at Cleveland Hopkins airport you notice that it is one of the airports that the TSA has installed one of the controversial full body scanners, the TSA agent asks you to remove all objects from your pockets...