Business Ethics Reflection

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Business Ethics Reflection

Ethical dilemmas in the workplace can cause conflicting situations when the right decision is not made and someone is treated unethically. All individuals have their own virtues, values, moral concepts, and beliefs that sometimes make it hard for individuals to make the right ethical decision. Surprisingly, most of us have similar values that our parents taught us as children so that we know right from wrong and if we follow the golden rule of “treat others as you want them to treat you” then we should have no problem making the right ethical decision. It is also important to remember that everyone should be taken into account and not just the majority or the minority when making an ethical decision.

An ethical dilemma I can remember is from my very first job at a fast food restaurant when someone was stealing out of the register. The only thing about this was that other people were allowed to work on the register so there was not just one person working out of the register, which makes it hard to tell who is really stealing out the register. At first, the managers started to count the register to see if it was correct before they let someone else get on it and work out of the register but anyone who was a manager was allowed to get on it without having to count it. Though there were days the register came up right, there was also days it was still short and almost every time it was two of the same people working when it came up short. The bad thing about this was one was a regular employee and the other was a manager so needless to say the employee ended up catching the short end of the stick so to speak. The regular employee was fired even though they pleaded their case that they were not stealing and for a short period, the register stopped coming up short but soon it started again. In response to this video cameras were put up to monitor the registers and it was a shock to everyone to find out that it was really the manager doing...