Modern Dvd Architecture

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Modern DVD architecture



In the past, computers stored backups on removable media. These backup devices ranged from floppies to CDs to tape and cartridge drives using flexible media to removable disc packs. However, large tape drives and disc drives with removable platters were not usually an option for personal computers or small servers. The most prominent backup devices for these units were floppies, cartridge tape drives, or CDs. Floppies have become obsolete, cartridge tape drives increased their capability, but CDs have evolved into DVDs which have drastically increased capabilities and proven reliability.

DVD technology has now evolved into a new generation of DVD technology that is able to store tremendous amounts of data while preserving DVD’s reliability. This evolution is being driven by the entertainment industry with their need to store HD movies at streaming speeds and by rapid advances in hard drive technology requiring the need for greater backup capabilities. There are two standards that are replacing DVDs. The first is referred to as “HD DVD” which stands for High Definition DVD and the second as “Blu-ray” which refers to the blue laser that it incorporates. Blu-ray appears to be the prominent successor of the two, but both are in common use.

This rapid evolution in DVD technology is not finished, but is ongoing. TDK has produced an experimental Blu-ray disc capable of holding 200GB on a single side using six data layers. Ritek has announced that they developed a HD disc capable of holding 250 GB using ten layers. Pioneer produced a 400 GB Blu-ray disc using 16 data layers that will be released in the 2009-10 timeframe. Pioneer is also developing a 1 TB Blu-ray disc that could be available in 2013. In addition, the Blu-ray Disc Association created a task force to define standards for storing 3D television content on Blu-ray media.

The recent and future advances of DVD technology have proven that DVD technology...