Building a Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth Plan

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Building a Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth Plan

Tiffany Littlejohn

Walden University

With each year that passes, I've grown both physically and intellectually. I've learned new things, and I've expanded my horizons. Many times I've even surprised myself with what I can do and with what I know. My parents always taught me that as long as I try my hardest then nothing else matters. Thus, that is what I do. Attending my first class here at Walden University, I’ve learned that graduate school is very different from any form of education I have received in the past. That seems obvious, but you may not know what exactly to expect until you've heard what it's like from someone who has actually attended. My first week of classes showed me this was going to be no joke. The time I thought I would have to work out and watch television was quickly filled with studying. As the weeks went by, I even stopped cooking for myself and my family, we was forced to eat cold cereal or anything that was fast.

Managing and Leading: A Contemporary Approach, the first class I attended at Walden University. I learned that management is important in today’s society. Believe it or not, managers are essential to the success of an organization. Management makes decisions that could affect every employee in a particular organization. They supervise employees in day-to-day activities and make sure that the tasks of their department are completed on time and to an acceptable level of quality. Preparing to be a successful manager will be challenging but developing the right skills will make it all worth it. Interpersonal, leadership, communication and decision making are all skills that I want to possess in order to become a confident successful manager. I know that the skills mentioned will have room for improvement, but the question is how I will go by improving those skills. One way I think is to develop a contingency plan just in case the worse shall happen. This plan will...