Kristen's Cookie Company

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1. How long will it take you to fill a rush order?

Activity Resource Process Time

Taking Order Email 0 minutes

Washing and Mixing Self 6 minutes

Filling the Tray Self 2 minutes (per tray of 1 dozen cookies)

Placing Cookies in Oven Roommate 1 minutes

Baking Oven 9 minutes

Remove Tray from Oven Roommate 0 minutes

Cooling the Cookies None 5 minutes

Packaging Roommate 2 minutes

Accepting Payment Roommate 1 minutes


It takes 26 minutes to fill a rush order of one dozen cookies.

2. How many orders can you fill in a night, assuming you are open 4 hours each night?

With a production capacity of 4 hours a night or 240 minutes, we can complete 22 orders of one dozen cookies each.

Because the processes are not common and there are multiple resources, there can be more than one process occurring at one time. By this we mean that while the first tray is baking in the oven, I can prepare the next tray to be baked in the meantime. The bottleneck of this process would be the combined process of preparing the oven and the baking itself; a total of 10 minutes. From this, we can derive a formula with “x” number of orders (of one dozen each) with the time required being (10x + 16) minutes.

10x + 16 = 240 minutes

X = 22.4 orders = 22 orders

22 orders = 236 minutes

We are assuming that with 22 orders we have 4 minutes (from the balance of 240 minutes) to preheat the oven and to also clean the kitchen for the night.

3. How much of your own and your roommate’s valuable time will it take to fill each order?

Assuming the orders are for one dozen each, the time taken by myself would be the total for washing, mixing, and spooning the dough onto the tray. This totals to 8 minutes for myself. For my roommate, it would include preparing the oven, packaging the cookies, and collecting payments, for a total of 4 minutes for the roommate. This sums to a total of 12 minutes with the balance of the 26 minutes...