Managing People

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Question 1:

What job would you create? Why?

Based on the informations that is shown , the new position that should be created is

a support staff which is an administrative personell.

Why would i say that , because the problems that my department and I face is having

to spend time on task that are beyond our job expectations. Which would lead to

inefficiency stage by losing our focus on developing a long term interest for our department.

To explain why should the position be an adminstrative personell is based on the fact that my staff and I had to take time out to do such work like, having to make travel arrangements, booking hotels and arranging transportation for our own staff. In addition, no one is currently tracking accounts payable from clients or handling accounts payable to our service providers. Therefore, many of the adminstrative aspects of the work are falling wayside. In order, to allow our department to be able to focus on the task that we are given , is to create a new position to do the neccessary task that is within their job design.

Question 2:

What are the employee competencies this position needs to be successful? Why?

Firstly, companies must be able to decide on how to design jobs and ensuring that the employees capability to meet the organizations goal. Secondly, companies also must ensure that the employees must have the competencies to be able to perform the jobs given. Thirdly, employees have the drive and motivation to uilities their competencies ability productivity.

Managers also have to idenifiy the responsibility and duties of the job designed for that particular position. Choosing the right people are in the

right place in the company; at the right time , to meet company goals. Also , ensuring the employees competencies requires the basic knowledge , skills and abilities to be able to perform their tasks.

First step for employee to be successful , starts by hiring the right person who holds the...