Comprehension Check

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Comprehension Check

David Larsen


September 6, 2011

Bryan Butler

Comprehension Check

1. The main strategies that come to mind I believe for both Thomas Hutchinson and Samuel Adams would have to be prediction and researching. First they would have to be very knowledgeable of the times and politics of that era. In order to gain the knowledge one has to research the issue at hand. Prediction would be necessary in order to bring the events to a head. I guess I should point out that it would need to be rational and well thought out prediction. With the knowledge of the issue and the prediction of what needs to be done to gain the desired result one has a good foundation to be successful.

2. Creating a foundation for critical and creative thinking is very important not only in historical events but any issue or event. In order to create a good foundation you first have to consider free will, moral issues, truth and opinion. These are the factors that could hinder critical thinking. At the same time these factors can also enhance the thinking process. Having a solid foundation will help in sorting out helpful from harmful notions. In historical events I believe it is necessary to consider opinion when making a conclusion or while researching the topic. Inserting your opinion to an event that happened so long ago it is easy to assume everything you know of the subject to be true and not challenge your mind.

3. The basis of moral judgments made by Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson highly surrounded their ideals of the issues of the time. For instance Samuel Adams wanted freedom from Britain’s taxing and rule. He then incited the Boston massacre and planned the Boston Tea Party which ultimately led to the revolutionary war. On the other hand Thomas Hutchinson was known for his integrity and his loyalty to Britain. He refused to let the tea ships leave the harbor which led to the Boston tea party and being replaced in the government. In both cases their...