International Business Management

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* Question 1:

16: 1. Developing a Mission statement

Important part of strategic planning is the development of the mission statement that the current purpose, position and strategy of multinational companies. The results from the current strengths, commitment, opportunities and competitive combinations. Each mission statement of the content and format should be unique, reflecting the characteristics of the organization

2. Undertaking an environmental analysis

Environmental uncertainty is recognized as an important variable affecting long-term viability of multinational corporations. More uncertain international environment, more difficult and risk management planning, evaluation and implementation of organizational strategy.

In the international business environment consists of two interrelated elements.

The macro environment is composed of a force beyond the control of individual multinational companies. It is often seen as including the geographic, political, social, technological and economic variables.

Specific environment, including variables affects the situation of direct competition from multinational corporations, such as international competitors, foreign and domestic suppliers, government, creditors, and labor market.

3. Commitment to the company's internal analysis all organizations involved in the internal analysis of resources to conduct a comprehensive assessment to assess the organization's ability to deal with threats, and the opportunity to accept the challenge. Resources need to create and use this way, they make multinational companies to establish a sustainable competitive advantage.

4. Setting strategic goals

Goal-setting process takes into account the organization's mission statement, environmental analysis and internal analysis. Griffin and Pustay. (2010, p. 341) defined for the organization to pursue a course of action to achieve the strategic objectives of the main objectives

17. There are two main problems faced by...