Assignment of a Mutlnational Personnel Selection System

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Question 1: Write the brief synopsis of the case?

Answer: The owner of a company with production plants in various regions in the world wants to standardize the methods of personnel selection for the Asian-Pacific region (APAC). A new system of personnel selection has to be developed for middle management positions in APAC. The owner delegates this task to a cross-functional, multinational project team that operates in Hong Kong headed by human resources (HR) executive and expatriate from Germany. In terms of the new personnel selection system, he has two opposing goals in mind: the new personnel selection system should be highly specific for a particular country and simultaneously valid for different countries. A series of issues must be resolved in order for the project to be successful. Some of these issues are related to the personnel selection system; the job requirements to be assessed, the modules it must include, the stages and methods of each module and the implementation of the system across countries in APAC. Other issues are interpersonal, such as the cultural differences and the heterogeneous perspectives that exist among the team members, and a conflict between the HR executive and the owner. Question 2: Kindly comment on the recruitment & selection process being developed. Does it make sense or not? Argument on each stage? Answer: Exist national differences in selection processes and some of the variability across organizations in staffing approaches is due to the nation in which an organization operates. In this case, we have an international management, German and Chinese Human Resource experts with multinational candidates and aspects of selection system. Each recruitment source has strengths and shortcomings. Broad generalizations can be made regarding quantity, quality, and cost and can impact the human resources outcomes for different recruiting methods. The first strength about the personnel selection system was having the final decision...