Professional Values and Ethics in the Workplace

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Professional Values and Ethics in the Military


Professional Values and Ethics in the Military

Here within is a review of professional values and ethics and the components that will contribute to a successful career. In analyzing these basic beliefs I will look at how life’s journey can contribute positive work ethics and personal values in the creation of a successful career. I will also look into professional ethics in the military intelligence community and how personal values contribute to decisions being made in soldiers life.

Ethics and Values

Developing values and ethics start way before entering the workforce. Ethics are described as unspoken rules in which each person governs their life and conduct themselves accordingly. These rules are comprised like a jigsaw puzzle that starts at birth and are assembled through life experiences. These puzzle pieces will combine and determine how each individual deals with life’s situations by what they believe in. Ethics give us a baseline understanding of what’s right, what’s wrong, and how we should react to life’s “trials and tribulations”. Values can be described as basic core beliefs that a person holds special to them. Values can be caring about people opinions, being truthful in any situation, or holding yourself accountable for your actions. Strong morals are passed down from generation to generation or from situation to situation. Most people learn our values from home, church, fellow peers, or social settings in which we grow up. Core values will shape every decision from birth until death. They make our paths smooth or rugged on the road called life.

Military Ethics and Values

Many people will probably go as far to say that Military and Ethics cannot coexist in the same sentence. It is assumed that an organization that infringes on others personal privacy cannot have basic core values. This is far from the truth. Individual ethics and beliefs are...