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IBM Daksh

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Wednesday, 03 February 2010

Last Updated Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Company Watch

IBM Daksh

Sound leadership and focused vision has propelled the company to greater heights in BPO business

IBM (International Business Machines) has been in India since 1992. It is headquartered in Bangalore. IBM

manufactures advanced information technologies, including computer systems, softwares, storage systems, and


Daksh was set up at New Delhi, India in January 2000. IBM acquired Daksh e-services for $170 million in April, 2004.

IBM Daksh has 14 branches in locations like Delhi (NCR) - 4, Bangalore - 4, Philippines - 2, Mumbai - 1, Pune, Kolkata

and Chandigarh. As on December 2009, IBM-Daksh has more than 20,000 employees across 17 delivery centres spread

across India and Philippines.

In terms of headcount, it is the second largest BPO in India. In fact, it doesn't use the jargon "Business Process

Outsourcing" for their services. It calls the process as "Business Transformation Outsourcing".

IBM Daksh has emerged as the top BPO company in the country and has been ranked as the number one BPO firm in

the 'India's Most Respected Companies' survey conducted by Business World Magazine. The rankings are the outcome

of an Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) conducted poll that obtained views from 682 senior managers across

industry who rated companies across various parameters.


IBM Daksh came into existence nine years ago. In July 1999 an independent report in the US stated that more than twothirds

of online transactions were abandoned due to inadequate customer support. In India, a core team of four people

thought about the implications of that report, and acted quickly.

Their entrepreneurial drive and the realization of opportunity within India became the two most important factors towards

the inception of what would be the largest BPO service provider in India - Daksh. It was not a company...