Example of Temptation Chart

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Strengths | Temptations | How To Overcome Temptations |

1. I have discipline. 2. I value respect to other people and to myself. 3. I listen attentively to advices of problems other people tell me. 4. I can control my anger when people annoy me or when people do something bad to me. 5. I always believe that whatever happens, God has reason for it. 6. I don’t give up easily. 7. I am still cheerful even though I have problems. 8. I find ways to solve my problems right away. 9. I have strong faith. 10. I don’t lose hope. | 1. Chatting/playing/blogging and other stuff in the internet instead of doing my homework. 2. Watching TV while reviewing or doing homework. 3. Eating in areas that are not allowed to eat. 4. When I am going out with my friends, and I wasn’t allowed, I lie and tell I have practice or project so that I can be allowed. 5. At church, I am tempted to text/use my cell phone. 6. Eating the prohibited food my doctor tells me not to eat. 7. Tempted to cheat on assignments. 8. Forging signatures of parents. 9. Going out with friends without permission. 10. Tempted not to pray when you have to. (Ex. Praying the rosary) | 1. Get to a place where I can study well without distractions. 2. Ask someone to guard me so that I may not turn on the TV. 3. I mustn’t bring food to the prohibited area. 4. I must accept the decision of m parents or just find something to do. 5. I mustn’t bring my cell phone to church or just ask my parents to keep my cell phone for awhile. 6. I must have self-control. 7. I must review my notes and finish my homework. 8. I must be responsible enough to remember to ask to sign the papers to my parents. 9. I must refuse and go home. 10. Having a strong faith. I will pray to God to be not tempted by the devil. |

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