Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

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Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

LAW 531

December 07, 2011

Riordan Corporate Compliance

The Purpose of this document is to provide a corporate compliance plan for Riordan Organizations, a publicly traded enterprise with profits in surplus of billions of dollars. Riordan Industries is an organization dedicated to the strictest corporate compliance as relating to implement enterprise risk management in accordance with COSO which represent the Committee of Sponsoring Organization of the Tread way Commission. Riordan Industries is projected to have annual earnings of $46 million and has 550 employees (University of Phoenix). The firm specializes in internationally renowned and patented plastic designs within its four locations stateside and abroad. The following plan is an overview of Riordan to outline the expectations for code of business conduct and ethics. This plan will include a strategy for preventative measures for managing the legal aspects of business pertaining to industry specifics as they relate to Riordan. The plan is designed to address the following legal and ethical topics, "Alternative Dispute Resolution, enterprise liability, product liability, international law, tangible and intellectual property, legal forms of business and governance".

The discussion among the officers of the company will need to address, following all bylaws as well as agreed upon procedures as written during the creation of the corporation. If there is a disagreement or impasse causing an issue from being resolved, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) should be in place to avoid spending additional time and resources. An ADR clause should be added to contracts with Riordan's clients, vendors and, investors. This clause can help avoid going to court to settle a lawsuit. This could save the company money in legal fees. Below is a sample clause that could be amended for other agreements:

["The parties agree that in good faith, to resolve disputes arising from or relating...