Corporate Compliance Plan for Riordan

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Riordan Manufacturing, after much consideration, has decided to update our corporate compliance plan. These changes come about after consulting our legal department. The legal department will be lead by our own, Lowell Bradford. The pages to follow will discuss the changes in detail.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause

Riordan Manufacturing will put into effect an alternative dispute resolution clause (ADR). Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offers parties alternative means of resolving their differences outside actual courtroom litigation and the costly aspects of preparation for it (Jennings, 2006, pg 3). The ADR will aid the company in maintaining compliance. The alternative dispute resolution clause will be, “Violation of the Corporate Compliance Plan will result in a warning, which may be verbal or written; suspension with or without pay; or termination of employment. The corrective action administered will be determined by the type of violation. If the person or persons involved do not agree with the corrective action measure, a peer review may take place. A peer review is a review by coworkers of the action taken against an employee (Jennings, 2006, pg 11). The review must take place by the end of the fourth week of the original ruling.”

Enterprise Liability

Mr. Bradford will ensure the company is protected from the possibility of lawsuits. All employees, contract or permanent, will be provided training related to his or her position. At the completion of training, the employee will be asked to sign a statement that verifies they are knowledgeable of their job duties. An employee handbook will be issued to each employee at the beginning of training. The last page will include a signature page to be signed by the employee and trainer. To prevent computer crimes, employees will only have access to the internet if their job position requires it. Those using the internet will have to sign an acknowledgement statement making them aware of the do’s and...