Corporate Compliance Plan for Riordan

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Corporate Compliance Plan

University of Phoenix

Linda Artis

January 11, 2010


Riordan Industries is a fortune 1000 company that owns Riordan manufacturing, with projected annual earnings of $46 million, the company's revenue expands over $1billion. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is a global leader in the plastic molding industry, specializing in products such as plastic fans, bottles, heart valves, medical stents and custom plastic designs. Riordan Manufacturing design capabilities are state-of-the art in its ability to create phenomenal quality control. The firm operates out of Georgia, California, Michigan and China. Riordan’s major markets include; aircraft and automobile manufactures beverage makers, bottlers, healthcare industry, appliance manufactures and the government Department of Defense. The firm has 300 employees in Georgia, Michigan, California, and its joint venture in China, employees plus 250 employees. The corporate headquarters in San Jose, California, is where research and development is performed. As a global company, special emphasis and details must be shown towards Riordan’s ethical and legal responsibility and accountability. The burden of responsibility extends to the firm's leaders, employees, vendors, clients and anyone directly or indirectly linked to Riordan Manufacturing (University of Phoenix 2003).

What is a Corporate Compliance Plan?

A Corporate Compliance Plan is a designed system of regulation that prevents and detects law violations and unethical activity by company directors, officers, employees, contractors and volunteers. The Corporate Compliance Plan was created to guide the conduct of employees to ensure lawfulness and ethical behavior affecting the firm and its reputation. The responsibility of honesty and integrity extends not only to Riordan’s consumers, but also to the many companies, agencies, fellow employees and public that Riordan works with. Riordan will conduct business in accordance with the...