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Should business be concerned about sustainability why? or why not?

Recently, business concern about sustainability is hot issue and there are two arguments in these statements which are positive and negative point of view. Also, government and world bodies such as UN consider sustainability as well.

Business first majority is making profit. According to Friedman (1970) argue that “the business of business is business” which businesses’ major purpose is to earn the profit for shareholders and enterprise themselves (Friedman, 1970). Obligation of business is increasing profit to shareholder and increases their market share.

In contract, Business use environment resource which is limit and resource depletion currently and human is not possible to replace that resource such as petrol, natural gas and coal etc. The current population of the world is over 70 billion and resource for human is obviously desperate it. Also, environment resource is for future generation as well. Therefore, business should develop alternative or saving energy for example, Hybrid. Moreover, business make environment issues and human being issues at the same time, For example, the world largest aluminum company Alcoa has reactive performance which is pollution to communities. Especially in Western Australia. Alcoa has operating three aluminum refiners in Western Australia (Kwinana, South of Perth, Pinharra and Wagerup un the southwest) Strolly (2010) and Lopez (1999) reported that, “residents of near Alcoa Western Australian alumina refinery have occurred long term heath problem such as cancer and sinuses because of toxic dust emission (Strolly,2010 & Lopez,1999). Meantime, Zhao and Gu (2009) report explained that business concern environment is possible to reduce profit margin or risk losing market share. However, positive business is possible to increase consumer brand awareness also, company reputation which could not calculate by profit. Corporate social responsibility is...