Organization Change and Comunication

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Organizational Change and Communication paper

Internal and External Forces of Change

Synergetic Solutions assembles and resells leading computer brands. A number of

internal and external forces have led Synergetic Solutions’ CFO to change the direction of the

company. The organization has been forced to work in the era of globalization and must

cope with the dynamic and inevitable changes which have resulted. Fierce competition, large

stock supplies and stagnant demand have necessitated the need to be flexible enough to

implement the type of changes required for its survival. They changed their business model from strictly assembling and reselling leading computer brands by introducing a network solutions business of designing and implementing complex computer networks.

Because the new network solutions business is significantly more technical than the assembly business and the organization’s labor pool is made up mostly of computer assemblers, it became necessary to send their four best engineers to be trained and certified on network technology. These internal changes also forced the organization to re-design the work environment and organizational structure from the present departmental structure to a new team based structure. This allowed for workplace diversity.

New human resource policies and programs were introduced to help employees make a smooth and successful transition. Some of the policies are investing in training, employee socializing, changing norms to motivate diverse workplace, changing top management and monitoring promotions and reward systems. Because of the nature of workplace change, a work team was created to identify employee needs, training needs, and workplace design and project process. Synergetic also invested in research and certification to improve technological

capabilities, improve employee competencies, create a Job rotation program, and give the specialists the responsibility of...