Organization Change and Culture

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1. What impact does organizational culture have on achievement of performance results?

To answer this question we should have a clear and sound understanding of what actually organizational culture is. There are many definitions of organizational culture and all revolve around the same concept. An organizational culture can be defined as the set of values, norms , practices , attitude etc. that are practiced and adapted by the employees while working in the organization & while dealing and communicating with members within the organization or with stakeholders outside the organization.

Now as we know what organizational culture comprises, from this we can derive that how these factors can be molded and be worked upon to achieve such an organization structure where all the employees are keen to work hard for the organization and to help it achieve its goals and objectives. Many studies and researches have been conducted through which it has been found out that there is a correlation between strong organizational culture and high performance in organizations. This clearly indicates that organizations that posses strong culture and have been successful in cultivating a strong sense of organization’s values and norms within its employees and ended up developing such a work force where each and individual employee’s productivity increased. The main reason for this is that following similar values and practices while performing tasks helps the organization as one component whether it is an onsite activity or activity at the office. Employees are given support and incase of some problem or trouble a team is there to support in the resolution of the problem. The members of the organizational work collectively for the organizational good and understand that if the organization prospers so will they hence increasing their personal interest in organization hence giving a boost to their productivity which positively impacts their performance hence producing better...