Pages of My Diary by Jared Yap

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Pages of My Diary

Jared Yap

You know, when you start move out of the house, you realize a lot of stuff. You realized that your parents won’t be there to cover for you when you’re in trouble; you realize you have to start worrying about house rent and the car’s down payment among other stuff. But, it took me that long to also realize, that the girl that I like is right there in front of me. Oh hey, my name is Wesley and this is a story about how I fell for her. I’ve known her all my life but it took me long enough to realize that she’s actually the one, as in, the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. She lived across the street in the opposite house and we moved in about the same time. That was about 25 years ago. 

First, let me tell you a bit about myself. Well, actually, there’s nothing much about me that you will find interesting. I’m your everyday average person except for the fact that, I’m pretty much of what they would call a nice guy. You know, the nice guy. The one you call when you’re stuck somewhere and need a ride, the guy who would fix your computer for you or the guy that talks to you when no one seems like they would. But the thing about nice guys is, unlike the jocks, they don’t really get the girl they like, at least most of the time, but when they do, they’re a keeper.

The girl that I was telling you about, her name is Kristy, Kristy Yo. She’s your average girl next door. Simple, kind and somehow beautiful in a way it takes twice to see. She naturally has silky black hair, long most of the time but she occasionally curls them or shortens them. She’s your romance novel geek that easily falls in love but she is also very smart. Heck, she even scored a higher CGPA than me in high school. Her laugh is so contagious but what’s more than that, it’s actually quite sexy and her smile, you’ll feel like the whole world just brightens up by her smile alone. Her eyes, I just love those eyes. They shimmer like the stars especially under...